Red Wines


Landmark Overlook Pinot Noir ( New ) $30.00
Balance of acidity and silkytannins and aromas of
wild strawberries, plums and star anise.

Valle Reale $30.00
Aromas of dark berry fruit, spices, mint & plums.

Darcie Kent Merlot $34.00
Classic smooth evolving into mocha finish.

Milbrandt Merlot $29.00
Blue colored fruits with relatively low tannin and soft
character of cedar and spice on the finish.

Napa Smith Cabernet Sauvignon $34.00
Aged slowly in oak barrels that have soft tannins for
a velvety smooth finish.

Story Point Cab Sauv $30.00
Notes of dark fruits, leather and white pepper.

Nadia Cabernet Sauvignon $32.00
aromas of dark Northwest berries entwine with Parma
violets, bursting with flavors of dried cranberry.

Piattelli Premium Rsv Malbec ( New ) $29.00
Fruity bouquet delights the senses, warms the palate
blackberries, blueberries and lavender.

Gouguenheim Malbec 2015 $24.00
is a rich, bold & concentrated red with ample plum,
black cherry,blackcurrant, chocolate and violet notes.

Crios Malbec ( New ) $27.00
Argentian with notes of black cherries, oak spices
and violets.

Domaine de Valmoissine Pinot Noir ( New ) $30.00
Subtle dried notes offering aromas of red fruits & spices.

Hidden Jewel Petite Sirah 2012 $25.00
Velvety smooth flavors of blueberry, hint of vanilla.

Bogle Petite Sirah $27.00
Full-bodied with hints of Blueberries & Blackberries.

Concannon Petite Sirah $30.00
Artful expression of blackberry, blueberry & layered spice.

Guenoc Petite Sirah ( New ) $29.00
Aromas of blackberry a nd plum with notes of violets
and roses. Full-bodied with a velvety smoothness.

Beachaven Barrelhead Red $30.00
Medium-bodied with cherry, mixed berry and spice

Black Ink California Red Blend ( New ) $28.00
This blend combines rich black cherry and ripe plums.

Bogle Essential Red $30.00
Essences of boysenberries, sweet cherries; vanilla,
black licorice.

Saved Red Blend $31.00
aromas of black cherry, ripe plum, and hints of cola
and vanilla.

Santa Martina Toscana Rosso ( New ) $25.00
Red cherry aromas and flavors with an earthy note.

Chianti Superior ( New ) $30.00
Flavors of violets, red berries, cherries & plums.