White Wines


Dragon Les Restanques French $30.00
Subtle buttery aromas with acacia flower notes to be
fully displayed. The plain, well-balanced and mellow.

Laetitia Estate Chardonnay $32.00
Fruit & mineral notes of ripe quince, green apple with
aromas of jasmine,apricot preserves & spiced tea.

Laguna Chardonnay ( New ) $32.00
Flavors of apple, pear & quince with subtle spice

Nadia Sauvignon Blanc $28.00
Flavors of lime and kiwi are complemented by vanilla
creme and canned peaches. It has a long finish lemon.

Emmolo Sauv Blanc $29.00
Light & soft-bodied, vintage offers a firm acidity balance
with a hint of honeysuckle & underlying notes of tangerine.

Dry Creek Chenin Blanc $28.00
Fresh tropical fruit aromas and flavor.

The Seeker Riesling (Mosel, Germany) ( New ) $25.00
Fruity featuring light citrus, apple & nectarine with a
honey finish.

Loosen “DR L” Riesling $30.00
A crisp fruitly and refreshing, ideal for mildly spicy

Quinta De Azevedo Vinho Verde $22.00
Italian wine with notes of citrus and tropical fruits.

Alberice Pinot Grigio $30.00
Lively, lemon-rich white wine with flavors of pears,
apples and herbs.

Candoni Pinot Grigio Organic $28.00 beautiful aromas of melon, pear and pineapple are
complemented by delicate flavors of lemon and fig.

Velazco Torrontes $28.00
Spicy & fresh with faint orange blossom and lime.

Ecco Domani $20.00
Delightful floral and tropical fruit aromas, with a flavor that
is elegant and crisply refreshing.